Welcome to The Washer Factory

We are the premier manufacturer of non-standard washers and light pressings.

We strive in all that we do to maximise customer satisfaction. Technical advice is offered freely, where required and we believe in treating all our customers fairly so if we know that a standard washer is available we will say so.

Based in the UK but selling to the world, serving many distinguished customers across numerous markets; including white goods, construction and automotive.

large range of washer materials   Large range of washer finishes   Square and round washer processes





Other Processes

Large range of Pressings made to customers specification in a vast range of materials ...more


Products can be supplied in any surface finish ranging from simple zinc to organic plating.They can be heat treated or machined ...more


Round Washers and Square Plate.Non-standard washers and Square Plates made to customers specification in a vast range of materials ...more

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